About PART


The Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART) is a unit of local government created in 1997 to enhance all forms of transportation in the Piedmont Triad Region. Governed by representatives from 10 member counties, four Metropolitan Planning Organizations, the Triad’s four largest cities (Burlington, High Point, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem), two regional airports, and the NCDOT Board of Transportation, our work is part of a larger statewide effort to improve transportation systems in North Carolina. Working with our partners, we strive to enhance mobility, address congestion, and reduce transportation related impacts on our air quality.


Our Mission

Our goal is Improving Transportation through Regional Cooperation. 

Our mission is to enhance the quality of all forms of transportation for each of our citizens through efficient use and protection of our natural, economic and human resources.


The Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation was created in 1997. The existence of PART is based on regional cooperation and the improvements to the transportation systems in the Piedmont Triad Region of North Carolina. Read more


This public body corporate, having been created pursuant to the Regional Public Transportation Authority Act, North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 160A, Article 27 (the “Act”) by resolutions of the governing boards of the municipalities of Burlington, Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem, and as chartered by the Secretary of State on July 17th, 1998, is named the Piedmont Authority For Regional Transportation (the “Authority”); and pursuant to the Act, the Authority’s Board of Trustees (the “Board”) has the power to make such by-laws for its operation as it may deem appropriate, not inconsistent with the Act. The by-laws of the Authority are as follows: Read more

PART Programs and Services

Our staff works on a diverse array of transportation related programs and services

  • Regional Express Bus System
  • Regional Vanpool Program
  • Piedmont Transit Resource Center
  • Commuter Resources
  • PARTnership Employer Services
  • Community Outreach & Education
  • Transit Planning
  • Piedmont Triad Regional Model
  • Piedmont Triad Freight Study

PART Express: Our cities and towns thrive, working and growing together. PART Express contributes to our sense of community by connecting all of us within our region. PART Express is the regional bus system connecting the major cities of the Piedmont and bringing people from the outlying counties into the urban areas. 15 PART Express Routes and Shuttle Routes are offered during weekdays with one Route running on the weekend. There are 27 Park & Ride lots scattered across the Piedmont Triad. PART served 438,859 passenger trips in FY 2017 and reduced vehicle miles traveled (VMT) by 7,492,100 Miles.

Commuter Resources: Educating on, advocating for, and providing alternative transportation strategies to reduce single-occupancy vehicle trips in the Triad. The Commuter Resources department has continued to serve as a resource for commuters interested in riding transit, carpooling, or vanpooling in the Triad. During FY 2017, TDM efforts reduced vehicles miles traveled (VMT) by 13,915,440 Miles. There are 51 Vanpools in Operation and 85,116 Calls were Answered by Piedmont Transit Resources Call Center in FY 2017.

Regional Transportation Planning: PART staff is involved in a number of regional projects related to highway, freight and transit planning, congestion management along regionally significant highway corridors, and impacts of growth and development on mobility and our transportation network. PART accomplishes this by: 1. Convening, coordinating and assisting with transit initiatives including bus and bus shelter procurement, technology evaluation and acquisition, 2. Leading the development and implementation of regional plans such as passenger rail, seamless mobility, transit development and comprehensive regional plans. 3. Being the custodian of the Regional Travel Demand Model for four MPO’s and NCDOT. The model is a transportation planning tool that helps inform Metropolitician Transportation Plans, assists with Air Quality Conformity, and evaluates the effectiveness of transportation and transit enhancements. and 4. Assisting our partner local governments, transit agencies, NC Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration with transportation related projects, technical assistance, issues and concerns in the Piedmont Triad.

Service Vehicles: There are currently 37 vehicles in the PART fleet, consisting of Orion, Daimler Chrysler, Champion and StarTrans makes. Vehicles include: 6 Champion Challenger 24’ vehicles with 18 passenger seats, 18 Orion VII 40′ buses with 39 passenger seats, 8 Orion VII 35′ buses with 31 passenger seats, 1 Dodge Sprinter with 16 passenger seats, 2 StarTrans Tour Liners 34’ with 31 passenger seats, and 2 StarTrans 28’ with 18 passenger seats. All vehicles are wheelchair accessible except the Dodge Sprinters. All vehicles also have bike racks.

Operating Costs And Funding: Annual Operating and Capital budgets currently exceed $15 million. Revenues are received from the Federal Transit Administration, NC Department of Transportation, the Counties in the Partnership, fare box, and the local Metropolitan Planning Organizations.

Contracted Services: PART Express bus service is provided through a contract with National Express Transit Corporation. The contractor is responsible for operations which includes: drivers, supervisors, PART CTC staff, and vehicle maintenance. National Express provides 40,000 hours of revenue service annually.