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As a PARTnership member, employees at Austin Electrical Enclosures, are now eligible to earn rewards for carpooling to work during February and March. It’s easy to start getting rewarded for your commute!

3 Easy Steps:

1. Find a Carpool Match & Register Your Carpool
PART makes it easy to find Austin employees that live nearby, with similar shift hours, and who are willing to carpool. CLICK HERE to access the Share the Ride NC database to find more information on other commuters interested in carpooling. Once you’ve found your match, complete the Carpool Application and return it to Kim Bruce, HR Manager for Austin Electrical Enclosures.

2. Ride to Work Together
Carpool together at least 3 days a week. Complete the carpool Commute Calendar you will receive once your registration is approved and submit it to Kim Bruce, HR Manager by the end of the month.

3. Earn a Gift Card
At the end of each month if your carpool group meets all the requirements, you will each earn a $25 Gift Card!

Rules and Regulations

Please read the Rules & Regulations below carefully to ensure you are eligible to participate. 

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Any individual or group that is found to be falsifying any of the documents associated with this initiative will not receive a gift card and will be prohibited from participating in all future programs sponsored by the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation.

  • All carpool participants must be current employees of Austin Electrical Enclosures.
  • In order to receive gift cards the group MUST carpool an average of three days a week during February and/or March (ie. at least 12 days during each month).
  • All carpool trips submitted MUST be to/from work in order to be eligible.
  • Carpools must have at least two individuals.
  • Carpools must make a logical commute (ie. carpool members live and work nearby one another as well as have a similar shift time). PART reserves the right to verify information provided including requesting a copy of the individual’s driver’s license, information about their carpool trip, or information about their employment.
  • At any time, if a participant is found to be providing false information about carpooling or the number of days you are carpooling you will be immediately disqualified from participating in this promotion or any future promotions offered by PART.
  • People in the same household are eligible to receive gift cards for carpooling.
  • Only one gift card in the amount of $25 will be distributed to each carpool participant per month. Participants are eligible to participate in both February & March.
  • Individuals in the carpool group must follow all of the registration directions (ie. participants must register ahead of time and complete the commute calendar).
  • PART also reserves the right to deny a registration at any time if the registration does not meet the intent of the incentive program or is considered questionable by PART.


If you have any questions about this program or need to clarify if you are eligible to participate please contact PART directly at 336-291-4314 or email