Bus Stop Amenities

In 2015 PART began investigating the inclusion of bus stop amenities into its capital plan. This included the development of bus shelter guidelines, identification of a funding source, a purchasing contract and an inventory of all bus stops. This initiative was started within the planning division but impacts operations, marketing and the call center. The five principle tasks and their status are outlined below:


The primary funding mechanism for PART’s Bus Stop Amenities program is revenue generated from its Bus Facility Advertising Program. The advertising program was started in 2016 with the first ads sold on PART Shuttles in the fall. The advertising program includes a contract with StreetLevel Media and includes a 3-year monthly minimum guarantee.

At this time PART plans on including funds to up fit two bus stops in its FY 18 Capital Plan. It is anticipated that enough advertising revenue will generated by the 2nd quarter of FY 18 to begin installation.

PART Transit Amenities Guidelines  (PDF)

Bus Stop Inventory – Due Spring 2017

Budget and Funding – Due Summer 2017

Questions? Contact Mark E. Kirstner, PART Director of Planning

Funded by On Bus Advertising

Updated 12/21/16