Howard Coble Intermodal Transportation Center


Finally coming to fruition is the Howard Coble Intermodal Transportation Center which has been in the planning phase since 2005. This facility has been named after Congressman Howard Coble, who secured the federal earmark back in 2005 and supported the project over the years.

In October 2015 the PART Board of Trustees awarded Bar Construction Company, Inc. of Greensboro the contract for construction of the Howard Coble Intermodal Transportation Center for the amount of $5.3 Mil. This includes construction of the bus terminal, passenger facility, bus parking and site work at the new location at W. Market Street and Brush Road.

In May 2016 Bar Construction Company was selected to construct the maintenance building. Construction was delayed due to high cost and the building went through a redesign process. Total cost for the maintenance building will be approximately $3.9 Mil.

Construction is underway and will take approximately 12-14 months to complete, with hopes of completing by Summer of 2017

Progress photos taken 3/9/2017

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Coble Video Series

Coble Video #1 – Groundbreaking Video (June 2015)

Coble Video #2 – Construction Update (February 2016)

Coble Video #3 – Design Background & Construction (June 2016)

Coble Video #4 – Operations & Connections (Coming Soon)

Facility Facts & Renderings

The new Coble Transportation Center will replace the current PART Hub located at S. Regional Road.

Project Facts:

  • 12 Bus Slips with 13,000 Sq. Ft. Canopy
  • 2,000 Sq. Ft. Passenger Terminal with Vending and Restrooms
  • Seating for 30 people in Passenger Terminal
  • 50 Parking Spaces in Park and Ride Lot
  • 16,390 Sq. Ft. Maintenance Facility on Site
  • Maintenance Facility Includes: 4 Maintenance Bays, Bus Fuel Lane, Bus Wash, Administrative Offices, Shower/Locker facilities and break room

  • PART site w PEMB4
  • PART site w PEMB5
  • PART site w PEMB1
  • PART site w PEMB2
  • PART site w PEMB3
  • PART site2n
  • PART site2m

Coble Transportation center Project Timeline

Work Completed (November 2015 – September 2016)

  • Construction Activity Begins
  • Site Grading & Stabilization
  • Storm Water Protection Devices Installed
  • Foundation Poured 
  • Structural Steel Installation for Passenger Facility Completed
  • Interior Framing of Passenger Facility Completed
  • Underground Utilities Installed
  • Curb and Gutter Complete
  • Contract Awarded for Maintenance Building
  • Roadwork & Widening Started
  • Power Poles Relocated
  • Assembly of Bus Canopy Structure Started
  • Exterior Concrete & Asphalt Work Started
  • West Market Street Driveway Established
  • Retaining Wall on Brush Road Complete

Next Up… (October 2016 – Summer 2017)

  • Prefab Maintenance Building to be delivered mid-November
  • Assembly and up-fit of Maintenance Building 
  • Roadwork & Widening Underway
  • Installation of Roof & Bus Slip Canopy
  • Completion of Passenger Facility
  • Completion of Bus Slip Canopies
  • Exterior Improvements Including Landscaping, Fencing, and Sidewalks
  • Exterior Concrete & Asphalt Work
  • Final Building Construction

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Groundbreaking event

PART honored former United States Congressman Howard Coble at the Groundbreaking and Naming Ceremony for the PART Intermodal Transportation Center on Wednesday, May 13, 2015. The event was held at the future site of the Intermodal Center which will be located at the corner of W. Market St. & Brush Road in Greensboro adjacent to the PART Administrative Office.

The “Howard Coble Intermodal Transportation Center” was named in honor and recognition of Congressman Howard Coble for his consistent support of mobility choices in the Piedmont Triad. This critical link in regional mobility was made possible through a congressional earmark sponsored by Coble.

View more photos from the event

View video from the event

“I would like to thank the entire PART Organization and everyone who may have been associated with this outstanding honor which you have just bestowed upon me. I feel that you have probably given me too much credit, but I shall treasure it forever. My vision is that this magnificent facility will help raise the awareness of public transportation and that they will take more advantage of its availability. Thank you again for this wonderful tribute.”

Howard Coble
Former US Congressman