Commuter Dash 5K 2016

Commuter Dash 5K

The Commuter Dash 5K is an annual event to raise awareness about all of the transportation options available in the Piedmont Triad region. By registering for the Commuter Dash, participants 16 and over agree to try an alternate commute option (bike, walk, bus, vanpool, carpool, ride the train, telecommute) instead of driving alone at least once by April 30th.

On April 16th the Sixth Annual Commuter Dash 5K was held at Triad Park in Kernersville. Close to 200 people participated in this great event, the weather was perfect and the crowd had lots of fun. Welcoming our group was Kernersville Mayor Dawn Morgan, who spoke about the importance of transportation services to our growing community. Participants were encouraged to step on the buses of PART, WSTA, GTA, and Hi tran, and vendors were on hand from Amtrak, Winston-Salem Journal, Omega Sports, and Triad Air Awareness. Live music was provided by Jerry Chapman. Thanks to all who came out!

5K Results


Commuter Dash 5K Results 2016 – Click here

5K Top Males Overall
1st Place Guillermorazo Contreras in 18:10
2nd Place Joseph Miller in 19:42
3rd Place Seth Lomison in 20:16

5K Top Females Overall
1st Place Kristin Sagar in 22:34
2nd Place Annie Hammond in 23:16
3rd Place Callie Landen in 24:30


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