Earth Day: April 22, 2017

Earth Day is Every Day at PART.


As you are thinking about Earth Day this year, consider this:

If just one driver per household in the United States switched to taking public transportation for a daily commute of 10 miles each way, this would save 4,627 pounds of carbon dioxide per household per year—equivalent to an 8.1% reduction in the annual carbon footprint of a typical American household (USDOT).

It’s no surprise that using public transportation can have a significant positive impact on the health of our planet. PART offers a variety of commuting alternatives to the single-occupancy vehicle. Last year, the PART vanpool program removed hundreds of cars from the road on a daily basis. Sharing the ride to work in the van not only improves vehicle efficiency, it also reduces wear and tear on the roadway improving the environment by reducing the need for road maintenance. In addition, the PART Express bus system provides nearly 500,000 passenger trips annually reducing the number of people driving alone which shrinks the carbon footprint of communities across the Piedmont Triad.






May 15-19


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Interested in knowing more about your own footprint? Take a moment to complete the Ecological Footprint Quiz.

Celebrate Earth Day with a New Commute!

To commemorate Earth Day this year, consider a new commuting option. To learn about the variety of options available in the Piedmont Triad check out PART’s Commuter Resources page.