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TDM For Employers

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what others are saying about PART’s TDM Program!

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I. Getting Started

Step 1: Call PART

Step 2: Understanding Your Workplace

Step 3: Develop a Commuter Benefits Package

Step 4: Kick-Off Your New Program

Step 5: Become a Best Workplace for Commuters

II. Build Your Program

You’ve launched your TDM Program, now what? After you get the word out about the benefits of an alternate commute, the next step is to build your program through creative social marketing tools. Our TDM Manager is there to help you every step of the way!

• Gauge employee participation in your program
• Identify barriers to transportation alternatives
• Identify incentives that would encourage your employees to try a commute alternative
• Identify which alternative modes are most popular at your workplace
• Gather employee comments on your program

III. Refresh Your Program

Has your TDM program gotten a bit boring? Perhaps your company has just hired new employees who need to know about commute alternatives?? Whatever the case, call the TDM Manager for help at 336-662-0002. We are consistently finding new ways to jump start TDM programs!

• invite us to set up a booth or give a presentation for your employees
• Coordinate a company-wide push such as Car Free Day or Carpool Week to encourage the use of alternate commuter options
• Offer incentives to increase participation
• Recognize ongoing participants at meetings and in company communications