Getting Started Checklist

Getting Started Checklist

Before you decide to bike, walk, run or use a combination of those with transit to commute to work, you will want to:

Read about bicycle laws in North Carolina on the NC DOT website.

Assess the area surrounding your home and work site.
Is it convenient to bike/walk/run? Would you feel comfortable doing so? Consider traffic flow, the width of road shoulders, blind curves and hills, etc. Are sidewalks, cross walks, and pedestrian overpasses available? How can you make your commute the most safe and comfortable for yourself?

Get to know safe pedestrian and bicycle routes in the area.
If you’re not sure of the best route, consider asking a regular cyclist. Don’t know one? Consider utilizing the resources on the Getting Started Home Page.
Also check out available bike and pedestrian maps on our Bike Maps by City Page

Find a biking, walking, or running partner or mentor to help you get started.
Sign up at for a Bike Buddy

Look for group rides through Area Cycling Groups.

Register for the Emergency Ride Home Program  through PART.
Don’t get stranded in case of an emergency. Note: does not cover inclement weather events.

Take extra clothes and toiletries to work the day before so that you won’t have to carry them on your bike. You may wish to leave your laptop at work if you do not have a large saddle bag on your bike.

Assess whether your employer offers the following incentives and prepare accordingly:
> Bike racks, showers, or lockers
> Biking, walking or running subsidy
> Flex-time to accommodate biking/walking schedules
> Secure bicycle parking
> On-site amenities: food service, cash machine, postal service, etc.

Read about Bikes-on-Buses if you plan on using a combination of transit and biking, walking, or running. (links to )

Dress and gear up for the weather and other conditions.
Take lots of water in hot weather and wear layers in cooler weather. Buy lights that meet visibility requirements if you plan to ride in the dark or during dawn or dusk. And always wear your helmet!