Mass Transit (Rail, Bus, Rapid Transit)

Studying the future of passenger rail and Bus Rapid Transit in the Triad.

Mass Transit service is increasing at a rapid pace as a regular mode of transportation within North Carolina. PART is administering and developing studies in the Triad. PART represents the key to passenger rail and bus rapid transit service throughout the Triad. Present studies include the regions Alternative Analysis study of potential services connecting the entire Triad Region.


The evaluation of alternatives will follow the procedures established by the FTA in order to qualify for federal funding for any capital improvements under the “New Starts” funding program.

These procedures mandate the evaluation of a minimum of three alternatives at this stage: the No-Build Alternative, Transportation System Management (TSM) Alternative, and the Build Alternative. The Build Alternative for the Triad region is the previously considered Rail/DMU Alternative, which was selected as the locally preferred investment strategy as a result of the MIS.

Under the FTA process, if this Alternatives Analysis results in the selection of the build alternative, the FTA must approve entry into the Preliminary Engineering (PE) and Final Design (FD) phases. FTA is charged by Congress to evaluate and rate all funding proposals for these phases as part of the annual New Starts report.

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