PART Express Testimonials

“I ride PART Express because…”


“I am writing to you to let you know how much I enjoy the Surry County PART Express!  I take trips to Hanes Mall when I take a week day off from work and just absolutely love the service. I wanted to let you all know what a fantastic job you all do. It is so enjoyable to take the bus to the mall…I feel so safe and have made many new friends while riding…the bus drivers are friendly and  they are such careful drivers!  I can relax and enjoy my rides to Winston.”

– Lisa Brown, Surry County Express Rider


t-shirt testimony

PART Express riders in Randolph County have a “PART Bus Party” every day on the Randolph County Express bus from Asheboro. They have even created their own t-shirts! (Photo contributed from a rider)

“I began riding the PART bus to save money when fuel prices got high. Today, I would ride if fuel were free! The PART drivers and passengers have become a kind of community to me, an eagerly anticipated part of my day. I especially want to commend the PART drivers. PART drivers are truly “people persons”. They are friendly, courteous and helpful. Riding the bus is definitely the most stress-free way to commute. My thanks to all at PART for this wonderful service!”

– S. R. Darstein, Winston-Salem Express Rider


“I really enjoy my PART ride to and from work every day.  I started riding the Stokes Express on their first day from King, October 13, 2008, and have been riding ever since.  It especially means a lot to me to have safe and dependable bus drivers like Jimmy in the morning, and Cindy in the evening.  They are kind and courteous, and are always on time to pick up their riders.  Thank you for your dependable service to our community.”

Donna Plunkett, Stokes County Express Rider


“PART has provided an excellent service to Triad citizens.  PART service makes it convenient to get to work and it saves you the headache of having to drive daily — not to mention the gas savings PART delivers for its riders!”

– Jason Nance, Davidson County – Business 85 Express Rider


“I have commuted to Greensboro (65 miles round trip) for 7+ years.  For the last 3 years I have carpooled with a UNCG coworker to cut travel and parking costs.  The carpooling worked well for both of us and we were happy with our savings.  When PART created a route for Randolph County, we mutually agreed to try it for a month.  There is no going back!  Do the math at the current mileage rate of @ 58.5 cents per mile.  Thanks to PART, I feel I gave myself a $300.00 per month raise.  The savings is well worth an extra hour of my day.  I relax, read and enjoy meeting new acquaintances.  Be savvy and save!”

– Peggy Cox, Randolph County Express Rider


“Rising gas prices challenged me to look for more affordable transportation to work.  At an average cost of $50-$70 each week for gas to get to work and back home, I looked at a new service provided in Davidson County called PART.  July 5th I started riding the PART bus on a day to day basis at the cost of $4 per day ($2 each way).  It took a day and a half before I bought my monthly pass ($50 monthly).  The staff and management have been excellent to work with, and have responded immediately to any issues that have come up.  I would recommend PART to anyone trying to save money and have a comfortable and safe trip to and from work, or anywhere it travels in this area.”

– Vicki Bailey, Davidson County US 52 Rider


“We enjoy riding the bus, as we can work on the way home, talk to each other or on the phone, read a book, or just sit and almost fall asleep!”

 – John Linker, Davidson County Business 85 Rider


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