The Triad’s full service transportation resource

The PARTnership is a FREE full service resource for major employers in the TRIAD. Working together we can improve mobility for employees by identifying alternatives to driving alone, marketing sustainable options, and reporting results.

As a PARTnership member company, you have access to a number of programs and services that we will use to develop and implement a customized transportation options program to address the commuting challenges facing your worksite including:

  • Zip Code Analysis
  • Employee Transportation Surveying
  • Customized Reporting
  • ExpressPass Transit Discount
  • 4-3-2 Vanpool Discount
  • Customized Incentive Programs
  • Emergency Ride Home
  • Marketing and Communications Support
  • Onsite Events and Webinars
  • Bicycle Education & Training
  • Preferential Parking Program
  • Commuter Tax Benefit Guidance
  • Best Workplaces for Commuters Support
  • Corporate Recognition 

Including commuter options is an excellent way to enhance your employee benefits package at your company. The best part is there is NO COST to join!

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Is my company right for the PARTnership?

To decide if this program may be right for your company there are a few questions to consider first:

  • Are you interested in helping employees save money getting to work, reducing parking demand, improving your benefits package, or reducing your company’s environmental footprint?
  • Are there opportunities for employees to vanpool, carpool, use transit, or bike to your worksite?
  • Do you have 100+ employees at your company or work in an office park with multiple tenants?

If you have answered YES, your company might be an ideal candidate for our PARTnership program.

What is a customized transportation options program?

We know that there’s no one solution to the commuting challenges facing companies and their employee’s in the Triad. Each situation is unique and needs to be analyzed accordingly.

Working with the PART team, we can identify solutions that address your specific challenges. Our toolbox of options includes strategies such as:

  • Carpools and Vanpools
  • Commuter Benefits
  • Compressed Work Weeks
  • Telework Programs
  • Emergency Ride Home
  • Preferential Parking
  • Incentives

Together we can develop and implement a program that fits with your corporate culture!

What are Commuter Benefits & what is their value to my company?

Commuter benefits, also known as qualified transportation fringe benefits, are federal tax benefits authorized under the IRS Code Section 132(a). These voluntary benefits were designed to provide tax incentives to employees to encourage the use of mass transportation. Commuter benefits include things like providing employees a transit or vanpool subsidy, allowing pre-tax purchase of transit passes or vanpool fares, and in some cases work-related parking costs. For more information on Commuter Benefits programs, download The Building Blocks of Commuter Benefits.

Curious about what the actual value is to your company? Check out the Business Benefits Calculator to see your company’s potential tax savings.

By providing commuter benefits you may be eligible to receive national recognition as a Best Workplaces for Commuters. If you are interested in earning the Best Workplaces for Commuters designation, PART can support and walk you through the application process.

As a PARTnership member, what are your corporate responsibilities?

There are no formal requirements to joining the PARTnership however in order to have a successful transportation options program at your company, we request that your company agree to:

  • Identify an Employee Transportation Liaison (ETL). The ETL will be PART’s main contact within the company and will help facilitate communications, events, and activities with employees.
  • Provide access to employees.
  • Implement no/low cost incentives.
  • Conduct an annual transportation survey.
  • Provide testimonials about the benefits of the PARTnership.
  • Actively promote and engage employees to participate in commuter alternatives.

What resources will the PARTnership provide to help me market my program?

Once you have joined the PARTnership we will give you access to our marketing toolkit. Our design team will develop materials including flyers, email blasts, newsletter articles, etc. We will work to ensure that you have the right mediums to effectively promote your program internally.

In addition, we will coordinate with the ETL to hold on-site events such as lunch & learns, transportation days, and presentations. Creating on on-site presence is one of the best ways to answer questions and engage employees.

What kinds of corporate recognition can we receive for being members of the PARTnership?

If you would like to promote your participation in the PARTnership externally we can provide you with a social media toolkit. In addition, we will include your company in our annual advertisement recognizing all of our PARTnership members in the Business Journal’s Book of Lists and other publications.

What is the 4-3-2 Vanpool Discount program?

Vanpooling is an economical way for groups to travel to and from work. VIEW our short video on PART’s vanpool program.

Employees at companies participating in the PARTnership are eligible to receive a discount on their first three months of vanpool fares!

4-3-2 Vanpool Discountvanpooldisc

1st Month (40% OFF)

2nd Month (30% OFF)

3rd Month (20% OFF)

We’ll take a hands-on approach to identifying groups, qualifying drivers, and getting vans on the road!

What is the ExpressPass Transit Discount program?

The ExpressPass program is a special transit program offered to PARTnership members. The program is an easy way for employers to promote the use of public transportation by their employees.

DSC_0075In order to participate, your company must sign a formal agreement with PART. You will then issue the ExpressPass cards to employees that want to take transit to work. Employees swipe their ExpressPass in the fare box when they ride. PART will then invoice the company on a monthly basis based on the number of times your employees ride.Employers pay for their employees ExpressPass but unlike the employer purchasing a monthly fare card for its employees we only bill the company based on the number of trips taken by employees. As a BONUS for being a member of the PARTnership you will also receive 25% off each ride your employees take!

Not sure your company can cover the costs? We can work with you to implement a Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits program that will allow employees to contribute to their monthly transit costs.