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Unemployment figures have finally dropped back to their pre-Great Recession levels, with a national average of 4.1% and around 4.5% in the Triad region of North Carolina. And while that good news means most of the country is hard at work, it means that employers are finding a narrower talent pool from which to recruit.

Because of this, employers are increasingly forced to look around, across, and even outside the Triad to fill much-needed positions. As that search broadens, it becomes crucial that employers have a way to address concerns around a potential hire’s daily commute.

What happens if your number one candidate lives 45 minutes away from your office? How do you assure them that their daily drive to work will be worth the position? How do you course-correct for the fact that 55% of employees choose their job based on the commute?

By arranging customized car- and vanpooling options for employees, companies can not only reduce tardiness and absenteeism, they can improve benefits packages, which play a crucial role in any recruitment or retention efforts. And because American households spend an average of 40% of their income on transportation, offering a ridesharing program will no doubt catch the eye of any financially-conscious recruit.

The PARTnership program, offered through the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transit (PART), is a free program designed to alleviate everyday commuting stress through a variety of economical ridesharing options. In addition to the creation of ridesharing programs, the PARTnership program also assists participating companies in the marketing of these benefits.

By getting rid of the need to endure the daily slog of commuting—including saving money by reducing the time spent at the gas pump—the PARTnership program can help improve employee morale. Instead of fighting through traffic and congestion throughout the Triad, employees can start their day with an enjoyable, stress-free ride with coworkers.

In addition to providing opportunity for cost-saving tax breaks, the PARTnership program can position a company as focused on sustainability and green transportation solutions. As the environmentally-conscious millennial generation continues to enter the workforce in droves (they currently make up 35% of the US workforce), this kind of commitment to responsible practices can be a boon for any company’s recruitment efforts.

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