PART Express Route & fare Adjustment for july 3

PART has evaluated the entire PART Express System. Customer feedback, service requests, financial and service implications were considered in proposing the changes. These changes which will be effective July 3rd include: Adjusted PART Express Routes, Adjusted Fare Structure, and the opening of the new Coble Transportation Center (CTC) at 8310 W Market Street. The PART Regional Hub at 602 S Regional Rd. will no longer be served starting July 3rd.

Check out the Refresh of PART Express

*  Enhanced Terminal – the NEW Coble Transportation Center  *

*  Fare Structure Adjustment  *

*  Extended Hours until 9:30pm for Routes 1, 2, 3 and Airport Area Shuttles  *

*  Revised Routes to better Serve our Passengers  *

PART Express Route Adjustments effective July 3, 2017:

PART will be adjusting Fare Structure and Fare Passes Effective July 3, 2017

This new fare structure will standardize the fare for all PART Express Routes. There will no longer be different fare structures for Urban and Rural Routes. New passes will be introduced including an All Day Pass and a discounted 10 Ride Pass. Regional Value Fare Cards will not be affected.


Rural Fare Passes will continue to be accepted until used. No refunds or exchanges.

*Reduced Fares are Seniors (60+), Veterans, Disabled & Students (w/ ID)

Questions? Please call 336-883-7278 or email