PART Express Route Adjustments Notice

The Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART) is a unit of local government that provides public services utilizing local, state, and federal tax funds. PART strives to provide convenient, efficient, and viable transportation options that are fiscally responsible and sustainable. With 15 years of service and the benefit of ridership and demographic data available to us, PART has reviewed our entire commuter express service, and is proposing service changes to correlate the local financial support, and commuting patterns of our customers. The new route system is a result of on-board surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, and comprehensive transit planning. Over the 15 years of operating PART Express customer travel behaviors and commuting patterns have changed. The proposed Route Adjustments are designed to accommodate more services for the largest population sectors that utilize PART Express in our Region.

In areas where ridership is low PART proposes to discontinue PART Express Bus Service. PART staff is available to help you explore other commuting options like carpooling or establishing a PART Vanpool. These changes represent a significant increase in PART Express service targeting areas with existing strong ridership. The new Coble Transportation Center will be open on July 3, the PART Regional Hub will no longer be served after that date.

PART is proposing the following adjustments effective July 3, 2017:

  • Route 1: Remove Federal Bldg. stop, Add Innovation Quarter stop, Extend Service to 9:30pm – View Proposed Schedule Here
  • Route 2: Extend Service to 9:30pm – View Proposed Schedule Here
  • Route 3: Designate fixed/timed bus stops along Hwy 68, Extend Service to 9:30pm – View Proposed Schedule Here
  • Route 4: Remove Whitsett stop, Expand service with additional AM trip and PM trip – View Proposed Schedule Here
  • Route 5: No change
  • Route 6: Remove Kimel Park and Novant Frontis Plaza stops, Add King P&R stop (Replaces Route 12) – View Proposed Schedule Here
  • Route 8: Discontinue Route (Connectivity available via Route 5/Vanpool Offered)
  • Route 9: No change
  • Route 10: Expand service. Add Additional Service to AM, Mid-Day, PM. Route direct to UNCG and Greensboro Galyon Depot, other stops removed – View Proposed Schedule Here
  • Route 12: Discontinue Route (Existing King stop and Service frequency added to Route 6)
  • Route 13: Discontinue Route (Vanpool Offered)
  • Route 14: Discontinue Route (Vanpool Offered)
  • Shuttle 17: Add Mid-Day roundtrip and Afternoon roundtrip service – View Proposed Schedule Here
  • Shuttle 18: Add Mid-Day roundtrip and Afternoon roundtrip service – View Proposed Schedule Here
  • Shuttle 19: No change
  • Airport Area Shuttles 20-23: Extend Service to 9:30pm – View Proposed Schedule Here
  • Fares: A simplified fare structure is proposed to include one fare for all routes and passes – View Proposed Fares Here

PART hereby announces that the PART Board of Trustees will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at 8:30am for the proposed PART Express Route Adjustments scheduled for July. The hearing will be held at PART Office located at 107 Arrow Road, Greensboro, NC 27409.


This customer feedback survey is available to seek citizen comments, and your comments are important to us. Please review the schedules above and click the survey below to give input.

(Deadline 5/31)


For a limited time only, PART is offering an exclusive discount to Yadkin, Davidson & Davie county PART Express riders traveling from the PART Yadkin, Davidson & Davie County Park & Ride Lots. Email us if you are interested –