Regional Pass

Regional Fare Value Cards


The public transit agencies in the Triad are using a Regional Fare Value Card!
Riders can purchase cards in $5, $10, and $20 denomination that can be used on PART, GTA, and WSTA Buses. Each time a rider boards the bus, the fare box will deduct each transit systems dollar value of the single ride. In order to receive the half fare price, Medicare Cardholder, Senior (60+), Disabled, or Student ID must be shown BEFORE inserting the Regional Fare Value Card into the farebox. Transfer Tickets will not be provided between systems.

Regional Fare Passes can be purchased at the following sales locations:

  • Hi Tran Administration Offices (High Point)
  • PART Regional Hub (Greensboro)
  • Winston-Salem Transportation Center (Winston-Salem)
  • Online – Purchase Here

The Regional Value Cards are an investment in our region, it will make it more convenient to ride across all triad agencies by allowing riders to purchase one single fare card!

Please submit any inquiries to or call 800-588-7787.