Step 2 – Understanding Your Workplace

Gathering information and gaining a thorough understanding of your employees, your organization and its culture, and the transportation options available at your worksite will help you develop an effective Commuter Benefits Program.

Learning about your employees:

Create a mini-survey to post on your intranet site or send via e-mail to employees (check out or for examples of online survey tools).

The most important information to gather includes:
• Current commuting patterns: How do they currently get to work and how far do they travel to work each day?
• Employee needs: Do employees need a car for company business, personal errands, in case of an
emergency? Do they need bike racks, lockers and showers?
• Employee attitudes: How likely are they to try carpooling, the bus, or teleworking?
• Employee concerns: What barriers do they see to switching to a commute alternative (emergencies,
inconvenience, safety)?
• Demographics: When do they work? Where do they live? (home zip code)

Analyze your worksite:

• Is there a bus stop nearby?
• Is parking a problem?
• Are locker rooms and showers available for biker or walkers?
• Are there restaurants, dry cleaners, pharmacies, banks, post offices and/or child care nearby?
• Do employees currently telework, carpool, take the bus or use compressed work weeks?
• Is there an organizational policy?

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