Step 3 – Develop a Commuter Benefits Package

Now that you know what your employees are looking for in a commuter benefit program, you can begin making choices about the commute alternatives that will work best at your workplace. First, identify the commute alternatives that you will promote, then identify the supporting strategies that will encourage your employees to try a new commute.

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Click on the commute alternatives below to learn more about the options available to your employees!

Carpooling – a flexible alternative that is a cheap and easy choice

Vanpooling – best for workplaces with long-distance commuters

Riding the Bus – best for workplaces with transit stops nearby

Walking/Biking – best for workplaces with employees who live less than 5 miles away

Teleworking – best for workplaces with employees who can work productively outside of the office (ex. graphic designers, programmers, data entry positions)

Compressed Work Week – best when work functions allow you to extend the regular work day

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