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Effective Monday, July 6, 2015 the PART Route 6 Surry Express will be reduced from 10 runs to 6 runs per day. After careful review of survey results and ridership data we have chosen the schedule that received best feedback and the highest ridership.

Please click here for the schedule effective Monday, July 6th

PART leases 7 and 15-Passenger vans to commuters who agree to share the ride. The cost of riding in the 15-passenger van is typically cheaper than a 31-day bus pass and includes gas, maintenance, insurance, mileage and a guaranteed emergency ride home. The van is driven by one of the commuters and drivers get 150 free personal miles as a perk for driving. Also, in a 15-Passenger van filled to capacity, drivers ride for free. Explore Vanpool Information & Pricing – Click HERE.

PART has provided service to Surry County residents for 8 years with reliable and affordable transportation. Over the past several months PART and Surry County officials have met to review services, expenses, revenues and funding options. At this time adequate local funding has not been identified from Surry County to support the current level of service. 

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Why Support Surry Express?

Why take PART? Why support PART? Some say its economics, others say its the environment. Still others note that it exemplifies that Surry County is ‘part’ of the Triad community.

‘I am writing you in support of the PART system’s Surry Express and hope you will see how important this public transit program is to those whose jobs take them out of the county but whose paychecks are spent back in Surry County. We thank PART for this reliable, affordable and convenient service and hope will consider the three funding options that will ensure that Surry County residents have the transit choices that they need.’

John D. McConnell, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

‘I would like to recognize PART for the opportunities it provides the citizens of this region for affordable public transportation. The advantages of mass transit are numerous – from conservation of our environment, transporting individuals to medical appointments and extending transportation to citizens so that they may work and support their families. Another tremendous benefit of public transportation that cannot be overlooked is the opportunity it provides to those citizens desiring to attend college that may otherwise have personal transportation. Thank you for your continued commitment to provide transportation to the citizens of this region.’

David R. Shockley, EdD
Surry Community College

Ridership Statistics & Survey Results

Want more information on history of Route 6 in Surry County along with Ridership and Survey results from a survey distributed in December of 2014? Click here to view.


For more information email or call (336) 662-0002