TDM Testimonials

Transportation Demand Management Testimonials


“American Express and PART have been working together for several years to help educate our employees on transportation alternatives, for the good of the wallet as well as the environment. We have an employee base that stretches from Mebane to Mt Airy and all points in between. We have a number of employees currently using PART’s bus service for their daily commuting. I have “taken the bus” myself and in talking with other employees who ride, they are very pleased with this service. We have had PART here at American Express a number of times for employee awareness events, special transportation education days and for environmental stewardship actives. They are very willing to share and information about the services they offer. Together with NC Air Awareness, they have also supported American Express’s greening initiatives.

Our most recent joint venture is to improve utilization of the “Share the Ride NC” program by American Express employees. This program helps people find matches to car-pool/ van pool with. PART is scheduled to be at American Express in early November for an information/ awareness session on this valuable service. Along with the information sharing, American Express will be providing terminals and internet connections and PART will be doing onsite registration for our employees.

I believe that what PART does helps improve our overall quality of life in the region. Give them a call, you and your employees will be glad you did!”

Allen Bullis
American Express
Greensboro, NC

“Petty Enterprises has been using PART since January 2008 when our company moved from Level Cross, NC to Mooresville, NC. The distance the employees were going to have to drive was approximately 90 miles one way to work. With the economy being so bad the employees were willing to bite the bullet and drive the distance rather than change jobs; a hard decision and transition to make until Richard Petty made the decision for his employees to look into a transportation system. We now transport around 45-50 employees daily to and from work. The vehicles are comfortable and extremely affordable. Everyone with PART is willing to help with any questions and the maintenance needed for on the road travel. Without it, many employees would have to seek other employment or have to drive this distance daily. As a rider, I couldn’t be more satisfied or relieved with this solution. I’m grateful to Richard Petty and PART for all they do!”

Camie Waynick
Petty Enterprises
Mooresville, NC

I want to express my sincere appreciation to “Share the Ride NC” and to PART (Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation) for partnering together to match people who are interested in carpooling to work.  Last May I decided that I needed to try to bring together a group of people who live in Elkin and work in Winston-Salem to start a vanpool due to outrageous gas prices and to the fact that carpooling was beneficial to our environment.

I still did not have a clue about what I needed to do to get the vanpool started so I logged into the PART web site and started researching.  I found the Share the Ride NC icon listed under Ridesharing/TDM.  I clicked on the link and created a login. I began a search within 10 miles of my home and found 10 other people who also wanted to carpool to work.  I got the email address of each person listed and sent out an email stating that I wanted to start a vanpool from Elkin to Winston-Salem.  I got responses from many of them right away.  I then contacted the PART office and was informed about the next steps to move forward with my vanpool.  We started our vanpool in July 2008 and it has been going great!

If it were not for PART listing “Share the Ride NC” on their web site, I would not have been successful in starting the vanpool because I would never have known that there were 10 other people within 10 miles of my home who were interested in sharing a ride.  We have a 7-passenger van from PART and we have 8 people in our vanpool.  We are able to have 8 people due to 1 person only rides 3 days per week.  However, the 8th person usually gets to ride more than 2 days per week because she also rides in other’s places when they are going to be out.

We have folks on a waiting list wanting to join our vanpool.  We have discussed going from a 7 passenger van to a 15 passenger van, but our folks like our small group better and have requested to stay with the 7 passenger van.”

Edna Barker
Winston-Salem Foundation
Winston-Salem, NC

“Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center is proud to have PART as their transportation partner. PART has expanded routes and added regular stops on campus to accommodate our diverse workforce. Without the always reliable PART service many of our employees would find the daily commute to work difficult. We encourage other Triad employers to explore a partnership with PART.”

Marc Sears, Director of Benefits
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Health Sciences
Winston-Salem, NC

“From bicycling to carpooling to public transit, PART is an integral component of our campus access management program. The use of alternative modes of transportation to access campus has increased dramatically since the 2008 Triad Commute Challenge, and feedback from students, staff, and faculty is consistently positive. Though the Davidson County and Randolph County direct-to-campus bus routes are quite popular, awareness of other PART services is on the rise. The synergy developing between PART and UNCG is truly amazing.”

Suzanne Williams, Associate Director
Parking Operations & Access Management,
University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG)
Greensboro, NC

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