Technology – a necessary convenience

A transit passenger’s experience is shaped by the freedom and convenience of the service. The frequency and coverage of a transit service are the primary service delivery characteristics that create a positive experience. But increasing convenience is driven by technology. Not having to wonder when the bus is coming, deal with change for the fare box, how to navigate the system are all barriers to encouraging new passengers to try PART services.

PART has taken a proactive approach to implementing technologies that improve the passenger experience. TransLoc and Google Transit provide online and mobile solutions to trip planning and the real time location of buses. Remix is a route planning tool that helps PART provide efficient, cost effective service.

In the Spring of this year, PART lead a regional effort to bring mobile ticketing to the Triad. In the next fiscal year passengers will be able to purchase transit tickets online or on a mobile phone then use their mobile device as the ticket. This new technology can also lead to a regional ticketing system that can be used on all systems in the Piedmont Triad.