Work anywhere: Telework!


Teleworking is one of the most desirable alternative commute options in the Triad. Teleworking, also referred to as e-commuting, e-work, telecommuting, and working from home, refers to work that is done from a location other than the usual place of business. The broadest definition of the word used today is when an employee uses telecommunications and computer technology to give them the freedom to work any time from any location. Employees can telework part-time, full-time or just occasionally.

Rewards of Teleworking

• You will have increased job satisfaction.
• You will see increased productivity as a result of continuous, uninterrupted work time.
• You will enjoy increased flexibility to manage work and family life schedule.
• You will miss work less – employees can still work in spite of emergencies such as heavy snow, car trouble or the sniffles.
• You will reap huge financial savings.
• You will pay less in car maintenance.
• You will help to reduce traffic congestion.
• You will improve air quality.