Fares & Passes

When boarding a PART Express bus you will need to have your cash fare or pass ready. PART Express Fareboxes accept cash, coins, and fare cards. See below for information about rates.

Transfers are free from one PART Bus to another PART Bus or Shuttle.


  • One-Way: $2.50 (*$1.25) 
  • Paid in cash when boarding the bus

*Half Price for Seniors (60+), Disabled, Veterans, Students and Medicare Cardholders (with ID)


Purchasing a prepaid pass is a great way to help you to save money for a quick and convenient way to ride the bus!

All Day Pass: $6.00 (*$3.00)

Ask your driver for this pass when boarding the bus, it will be dispensed from Fare Box. Expires at midnight the day of purchase.

10 Ride Pass: $20.00 (*$10.00)

Valid for 10 One-Way rides on any PART Express Route, does not have to be used consecutively. Get 10 Rides for the price of 8, savings of $5!

31 Day Pass: $80.00 (*$40.00)

Valid for 31 consecutive days from the 1st date of use for unlimited rides on any PART Express Routes. Save an average of $25 per month if you are a daily rider!

*Half Price for Seniors (60+), Disabled, Veterans, Students and Medicare Cardholders (with ID).

Touchpass – Coming Soon!

We’re taking PART Express to the next level with TouchPass Mobile and Smartcard Ticketing! Passengers will be able to purchase transit tickets online or on a mobile phone then use their mobile device as the ticket. This new technology can also lead to a regional ticketing system that can be used on all systems in the Piedmont Triad.

View the Touch Pass page for more information.

Regional Fare Cards

Riders can purchase cards in $5, $10, and $20 denomination that can be used on PART, GTA, WSTA, and Link Transit Buses. Each time a rider boards the bus, the fare box will deduct each transit systems dollar value of the single ride. In order to receive the half fare price, discount identification must be shown before inserting the Regional Fare Value Card into the farebox. Transfer Tickets will not be provided between systems.

 $5, $10, and $20 Denominations Available

Can be used on PART, GTA, WSTA, and Link Transit Buses.


PART provides a discount of half price to Seniors (60 plus), Disabled, Students, Veterans, and Medicare Cardholders.

  • Seniors: Age 60+ with proper identification (driver’s license, transit senior identification)
  • Disabled: With disabled identification Issued from transit agency (We do not accept GTA Disadvantage Pass)
  • Veterans Discount: Eligibility with proper identification: Veterans are required to show a valid Veterans identification card while boarding in order to receive discounted fare. Acceptable identification cards include: U.S. Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs Retired identification card, county Issued Veteran identification card, or North Carolina’s Driver License with “Veteran” label.
  • Medicare: With valid medicare identification or transit Issued medicare identification
  • Students: With valid student identification from school/college/university. If you are not issued a student ID, you apply for a student discount card by filling out this form