Emergency Ride Home

The Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program provides a stress-free way for PART Vanpoolers with a ride home from work in the event of an emergency. Registered vanpoolers can use the ERH program if:

  • The vanpooler or an immediate family member suffers from an illness or severe crisis.
  • The vanpooler will miss their normal commute home due to unscheduled overtime.
  • The vanpooler is impacted due to a vehicle breakdown.


When you need a ride, contact a PART Call Center representative at 336-883-7278 between 6:30 a.m. and 8 p.m., after hours contact your Vanpool Coordinator.

Program Details

  • The ERH Program does not cover: 
    • 911 emergencies
    • Acts of God
    • Bodily injury
    • Business-related travel
    • Company-wide emergencies or closures
    • Inclement weather
    • Intermittent stops
    • Medical appointments
    • Natural disasters
    • Personal errands
    • A ride to work
    • Scheduled appointments
    • Scheduled overtime
    • Side trips
    • Termination of Employment
    • Transportation system and/or provider closures or failures
    • A trip to or from a medical facility
    • Vehicular failures
    • Work-related injury
  • The program is limited to three trips per commuter within a 365-day period. Periods begin with the usage of the first ERH trip used.
  • ERH trips must originate from the vanpool commuter's employment location.
  • Commuters may be asked to provide their Vanpool Identification in order to verify their ridership.
  • You are not eligible to receive an ERH in the event that you have worked your scheduled workday/shift and your alternative mode of transportation is available or if your alternative mode of transportation will be available around the same time as a taxi will be available.
  • One scheduled stop is allowed during the trip (i.e. picking up a sick child at daycare/school) but this stop must be approved in advance.
  • If an alternative option, such as transit, is available, a taxi may be denied but PART will coordinate the use of the alternative option.
  • If you are found falsifying information related to the reason for using the ERH program, caught violating the rules, or caught abusing the program your vanpool group will be charged for the trips and you will be prohibited from using the program.
  • PART is not responsible for any ride taken without authorization.
  • PART has the sole right to approve/deny any ERH request at any time.
  • Criteria for the ERH program is subject to change at the discretion of PART. Other restrictions may apply. Please contact PART at 336-883-7278 for complete program rules and regulations.
  • As a participant in the ERH program you, on behalf of your heirs, successors or assigns release and hold harmless your employer, Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (hereinafter "PART"), and the State of North Carolina form any liability, claims and demands of any kind whatsoever, including but not limited to any liability for personal injury including death, loss, theft, or damage to your personal property, loss of income, consequential damages (hereinafter "losses") resulting from delays or absence of a cab or ERH service or termination of this program. You also agree that you will seek recovery from the taxi cab company providing your ride, and not your employer, PART, or the State of North Carolina for any losses occurring during transport.