We’re taking PART Express to the next level with TouchPass Mobile and Smartcard Ticketing!

A transit passenger’s experience is shaped by the freedom and convenience of the service. We recognize the need to provide our passengers with flexibility in how they purchase and use PART bus passes through the use of technology.

PART is working with TouchPass. One of the country’s most sophisticated and customer friendly mobile and Smartcard transit pass providers. Passengers will now be able to:

  • Purchase their transit pass through a mobile app or online
  • Create a personal profile to better manage your purchases, passes, transfers, and usage
  • Make instant purchases (you can even buy your pass while waiting for the bus at the bus stop)
  • Use your Smartphone as your pass or use a reloadable Smartcard as your pass

Coming Soon

Although we intend to launch this new technology system-wide, it’s currently only available for commuters enrolled in PART’s XPass Employer Discount Program. Join our Email List to stay up to date on this technology.

How Does TouchPass Work?

Touch Pass lets you purchase your PART Express bus pass online or on your mobile device. No more coins or bills. No more asking for transfer slips. TouchPass keeps track of your transfers and even provides a countdown clock to let you know when your transfers or passes are about to expire if you use your mobile device.

The TouchPass system allows you to set up a personal TouchPass account where you can track your passes, purchase passes, and monitor your account activity. It also eliminates the fear of losing your pass. If you’re a Smartcard user and you lose your card, as long as you’ve created a user account and tied your Smartcard to your account, we’ll be able to transfer your funds from one card to another!

Using Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phone users can purchase their pass with a few taps on their smartphone anytime, anywhere. Once you’ve purchased a PART pass, simply show the QR code on the TouchPass Home Screen to the TouchPass Reader when you board the bus and you’re on your way.

TouchPass Mobile App Preview 2
TouchPass Mobile App Preview
TouchPass Mobile App Preview 3

Using PART's TouchPass Smart Card

If you prefer to use PART’s reloadable TouchPass Smartcard instead of your mobile phone, purchasing passes is still quick and easy. You can load your Smartcard online using the TouchPass System or visit PART’s CTC to load your account. Once a pass has been loaded to your card, simply tap the card on the TouchPass Reader on the bus and you’re on your way.

Hand holding pass to Touch Pass machine