How To Ride

New PART Rider? Here is what you need to know to ride the bus:

  1. Decide Which Part Service Will Work for You
    Check out our Routes and Schedules section or call the Piedmont Transit Resources Call Center at 336-883-7278 from 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our staff will gladly answer any questions regarding where and when to catch the bus and will also mail you the route and schedule information if needed.
  2. If You Live Too Far from the Coble Transportation Center or Other Designated Part Stops
    Because PART is a regional bus system that provides a link between cities, we only have certain designated bus stops within each city. If you need a ride from home or if you need to travel within the city, you will need to ride the local city bus transit system. If you have access to a car, you can utilize one of our Park and Ride Locations to catch the bus.
  3. Stand at the Correct Bus Stop
    Please be sure you are standing at the correct boarding location. PART Buses will only pick up passengers standing at the correct pick-up post, so be sure to wait there. Also, arrive a few minutes before the bus scheduled departure time.
  4. Check Destination Sign
    At our Coble Transportation Center, destination signs are located above the front bus window. The destination signs on buses show the route destinations. The Bus Bays at the Coble Transportation Center correspond to Route number, reference your route schedule to see which Bay to use.
  5. Pay Your Fare
    Have the correct fare ready when the bus arrives. Pay your cash fare (exact change/bills only) into the fare box located at the top of the stairs. View the Fares page. Fare boxes accept all change and bills from $1 to $20. PART drivers cannot provide change, you will get a change card instead. PART prepaid passes should be inserted into the fare box upon boarding. Tickets and passes from city bus systems cannot be used on PART, with the exception of the Regional Fare Card.
  6. If You Use a Wheelchair or Other Mobility Device
    All buses are wheelchair accessible and can either "kneel down" to the curb or has a wheelchair lift, if you have difficulty stepping into the bus. The seats near the front of the buses are reserved for wheelchair passengers and older/disabled passengers. The seats in the back of the shuttles are reserved for wheelchair passengers; however, the fronts are reserved for older/disabled passengers. The driver may ask riders to change seats to allow those in need to have these seats. The driver will assist passengers in securing the wheelchair if needed.
  7. Be a Safe and Courteous Rider
    Smoking, eating, drinking and carrying a weapon are prohibited on the bus. Use electronics with headphones only, loud noise is a distraction for the driver. Clean up after yourself and use the trash receptacle at the front of the bus. Please report suspicious activity or packages to the driver or police.

    Do not engage in inappropriate conduct which is any conduct that is disruptive or injurious to other individuals' lawfully using PART facilities or services; damaging or destructive to transit facilities or services, or disruptive, harassing or threatening to transit employees. Weapons (whether concealed, open carry or otherwise) are prohibited while on or in any PART Express, Vanpool, Shuttle, or any other vehicle owned, leased or operated by PART. This also includes the Coble Transportation Center, parking areas, buildings, and other PART property. View PART Weapon Policy (PDF). Abide by the PART User Policy which includes no commercial solicitation, panhandling, petitioning, loitering, weapons, or overnight parking in lots.
  8. If You Need to Transfer to Another Bus to Get to Your Final Destination
    Transfers from one PART Express Bus/Shuttle to another are free. If your destination requires a change of buses ask your driver for a transfer as soon as you board the bus. With a transfer, you can travel in any direction and transfer at any location during your one-way trip. To use the transfer, show it to the driver when boarding. Transfers are only good for one hour.
  9. When You Arrive at Your Destination and Want to Get off the Bus
    PART buses do not stop traffic and therefore can only stop at designated stops. Once the bus approaches the designated stop, stay seated until the driver stops the bus completely and opens the door. Please remember to check the seats for all belongings before departing the bus. Be careful when crossing the designated bus stop area at the transportation centers to avoid any accidents with other vehicles arriving and departing.
  10. Contact Us for Help
    If you need additional help, give us a call to ask questions! Contact PART at 336-883-7278 or email us if you have further questions on how to ride PART or any other concerns about our service.