XPass Employee Registration

Employees working at XPass Employer member companies are eligible to receive exclusive PART Express discounts as a member of the XPass progarm.

As long as your employer is enrolled in this free program, you are eligible to receive incentives:

Triad XPass Employer Members

30% off 31-Day ($56) or 10-Ride ($14) PART Express bus passes.

XPass Employer Members

View our list of XPass Employer Members to see if your company is enrolled.

Don’t see your company? Contact and email a PARTnership Representative about connecting with your company to get them enrolled.

Three Easy Steps to Enrolling

Step 1: Complete the XPass Employee Application

Make sure to fully complete XPass Application form. Once PART receives your application, we will contact your company to verify your enrollment. When approved, PART will send you an email confirming you’re ready to register your Umo Mobile and Smart Card Ticketing account.

XPass Employee Application Form

Step 2: Check Your Email

You will receive your confirmation via email at the address provided on your registration form. This email will include:

  • Directions on how to set-up your Umo Mobile or Smartcard account.
  • A special Benefit Code that tell the system to apply the discount to your pass.

Step 3: Load Your Benefit Code & Purchase Your Pass

Already have a Umo account? Don’t worry, you can add the code at any time and start receiving the discount.

Get started today with the Employee Registration Form!