XPass Rules

The XPass Employer Discount Program is a program being offered to businesses and their employees located within the PART 10-county region. Participants are eligible to receive a discount on 31-day and 10-ride passes. 

Triad XPass 

This program is available to any employer located within PART’s 10-County service area.As a member of the Triad XPass program, your employees will receive a 30% discount.

Employers must be actively enrolled in the program in order to provide employees with the benefits of the XPass program. Employers are responsible for employment verification at the time of a participant’s enrollment and on a quarterly basis.

XPass participation may not be sold or transferred to any other person. Allowing the use of a participants XPass by anyone other than the participant is not permissible and may result in enrollment termination.

All registering participants must be actively employed at the company listed on their registration in order to receive the program benefits. Participants are responsible for updating employer information in the event of a change in employment.

PART has the sole right to approve/deny any XPass registration.

Criteria for the XPass program is subject to change at the discretion of PART.

PART will not be responsible for refunding the cost of any PART Express pass purchased prior to enrollment in the XPass Employer Discount Program.

As a participant in the ERH XPass you, on behalf of your heirs, successors or assigns release and hold harmless your employer, Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (hereinafter “PART”), and the State of North Carolina form any liability, claims and demands of any kind whatsoever, including but not limited to any liability for personal injury including death, loss, theft, or damage to your personal property, loss of income, consequential damages (hereinafter “losses”) resulting from participation in the XPass program.

Participants are responsible for adhering to terms and conditions outlined by the TouchPass Transit by Delerrok, Inc. program/service.