Triad Businesses Creating Stable Employment Through Better Transportation

Herbalife Nutrition, Workforce Limited and Wayne’s Farm LLC are helping employees build better futures through reliable transportation with PART's vanpool program.

When it comes to the number one cause of tardiness and absenteeism for her employees, Wayne Farms LLC’s Human Resources Manager, Karen Hardy, is certain that it’s the lack of dependable, reliable transportation. Much of her team “lives quite a distance from our plant, and may not have dependable, reliable transportation of their own.” That, coupled with the overall rural makeup of their workforce, presented a challenge to her company’s daily workflow.

Herbalife Nutrition’s Vice President of Human Resources, Gene Corbett, agrees: “Each employee has different requirements for transportation, but reliable transportation is essential for employees to maintain stable employment.”

2018-0625_PART_0404_FinalWayne Farms, Herbalife Nutrition and many other employers across the Triad have sought a better, more cost-effective arrangement for their employees. And one such solution has been the PART Vanpool Program, an element of PART’s Commuter Resources Program

The Vanpool Program allows for groups of 5 or more co-workers to share their daily commute in a routinely-serviced 7 or 15 passenger van. The month-to-month, all-inclusive lease covers the vehicle, insurance, gas, maintenance, and an Emergency Ride Home.   For employees that travel more than 15 miles to work each day, the Vanpool Program offers an economic solution that not only saves money but also offers reliable and dependable transportation.

WorkForce Unlimited Regional Director, Kendra Clabo, knew that “in this tight labor market, […] transportation solutions were key to meeting the staffing needs of our clients.” Now that her client’s team has a reliable way to and from work each day, they are able to focus on what matters most at work.

“Because of the PART Vanpool Program, 30 previously unemployed people are now successfully working 40-hour weeks. We know we are changing people’s lives.”

When several employees from Herbalife Nutrition’s California offices transferred to Winston-Salem, The Company’s Management team felt compelled to make accommodations to match the public transit options their employees enjoyed in California. 

For Herbalife Nutrition’s employees who wanted (or needed) to live outside of Winston-Salem, the Company was able to offer vanpool solutions that worked to meet their employees’ unique needs. Some of Company’s employees that participate in the PART Vanpool Program even commute from as far away as Raleigh.

Even if your workforce doesn’t routinely face issues related to reliable transportation, a vanpool program still provides a number of benefits:

  • Reduced absenteeism and tardiness 
  • Savings on monthly gas and vehicle maintenance costs
  • More attractive benefits package to help improve recruitment and retention

Each vanpool group designates one primary driver and one backup driver, meeting the group at a designated central location such as a Park-and-Ride lot to make their daily commute. 

2018-0625_PART_0074_FinalThe monthly cost for the vanpool is divided amongst the riders, so the more people participating, the more affordable it becomes for everyone. Should an emergency arise, every vanpool group member is eligible for a free taxi ride home.

Perhaps, one of the most intangible benefits of the PART Vanpool Program is the increased camaraderie that comes with most vanpool groups. As Herbalife Nutrition’s Gene Corbett notes, his PART Vanpools “allow groups of employees to travel together, collaborate on projects and get to know each other outside of work, while benefiting from saving on money on gas, [with less] wear and tear on their cars.”

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PART can help your business with a FREE customized transportation plan, including:

  1. Zip code analysis of your employees commutes
  2. Employee survey to determine interest
  3. Discount program to get your vanpool program started
  4. On-site event to educate
  5. Customized incentive program

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