Commute Calculator

This calculator will help you compare the price of using public transportation with the price of paying at the pump and then parking your car in town. Save money by riding PART Express, PART Vanpool, or Carpooling. 

How many days per month do you usually work? (22 is full time)

How many miles do you drive to get to work? (One-way)
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How many miles per gallon (mpg) does your vehicle average? (Average car 26 mpg)
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How much do you usually pay per gallon of gas?
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What is your average cost per mile for maintenance, insurance, license, registration, depreciation, finance charges and taxes? (Average .565)
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How much do you pay each month for parking? (if nothing, leave blank)
This is approximately how much money you spend, but you should also consider the value of your time. If you weren’t driving, what else could you do during your commute? You could get a head-start on work, catch up on sleep, reading, texts, or your favorite shows.

Monthly Costs of commuting would be

Total Cost (Driving Alone)
Total Cost (2-Person Carpool)
Based on two individuals dividing the costs.
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Cost to Vanpool
Check out the cost of a 7 or 15 passenger vanpool and compare your daily roundtrip miles of then divide by the number of passengers.
Total Cost (PART Express Bus)
Cost for a 31-day unlimited ride pass.
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The above results are intended to provide a general idea of your monthly commuting costs and transportation alternatives. Actual costs may vary.