Face Mask Exemption

PART recognizes that some individuals are unable to wear a face mask or cannot safely wear a face mask due to a disability defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. These individuals are eligible to receive an exemption to ride PART Express buses and shuttles without a mask.

To qualify for this exemption, you must first submit a Mask Exemption Request Form and be approved. To receive a form:

Once your exemption request is approved, you will receive a Mask Exemption Card from PART. You will be asked to show this Exemption Card to the driver when boarding a PART Express vehicle without wearing a mask. Until you receive your exemption card, you will be required to wear a mask to utilize PART vehicles and facilities. 

Questions? Contact PART at 336-883-7278 or contactus@partnc.org..

View the TSA Security Directive 1582/84-21-01.