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Nov 08

PART Offers Transportation Solutions to Business 40 Closure

Posted on November 8, 2018 at 2:38 PM by Brooke Kochanski

The PART Agency Will Offer Enhanced and Discounted Services Beginning October 29th  

Contact Information: 

Brooke Kochanski, PART Marketing Manager, (336) 291-4331,

As commuters across the Triad prepare for the imminent closing of a section of Business 40 near downtown Winston-Salem, the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART) is offering solutions to the challenging commuting conditions this project may create.

Beginning on Monday, October 29, PART will be providing additional transportation options for individuals commuting to and from areas impacted by the road closures. With approximately 80,000 vehicles traveling Business 40 on a daily basis, these programs are part of the organization’s efforts to reduce single occupancy vehicle travel in the project’s high Traffic Relief Zone (TRZ) with the hopes that fewer cars on the road will result in better commuting conditions.

The chief component of PART’s efforts is their new and expanded Express Bus Services between Winston-Salem and surrounding areas including Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, and West Forsyth and Surry counties. These four routes will feature more mid-day runs and increased service during peak hours to accommodate a rise in passengers.  

Along with additional bus service options, PART’s plan also includes a discounted Vanpool program as an economical way for people to travel to and from work together. With Vanpool, groups who live or work near one another can lease 7 or 15-passenger vans and divide the already discounted monthly cost among riders. For smaller groups, PART has partnered with the rideshare matching service ShareTheRideNC to help commuters quickly and securely find and coordinate rides with individuals who share similar commutes and work hours. 

Businesses located within the TRZ can also benefit from PART’s efforts by enrolling in their “Employer Pass Program.” This XPass program – which employers can join at no cost – allows employees to receive a 50% discount on a 31-Day or 10-Ride passes for the first year of construction.

“PART is working diligently to provide viable solutions to the various transportation-related issues surrounding the Business 40 closure,” PART Executive Director Scott Rhine said. “We want people across the Triad to understand whether they ride every day or a few times a week, they can really make a difference in the impact of this project by using any of our safe and convenient commuting options.”

To learn more about the additional efforts and services PART is providing, or to register for one of the programs, visit

Find out more about the highway closure by visiting the NCDOT Business 40 Website at

Commuting “Fun Facts”

  • The average carpooler can save as much as $600 each month on commuting costs such as gas, parking, tolls and car maintenance.
  • Sharing a ride just twice a week can keep 1,600 pounds of greenhouse gases out of the air each year.
  • The average American sits in traffic for 40 hours each year – that equates to a full work weeks’ worth of time spent only able to do something you can do while driving (like listen to the radio or a podcast).  
  • In the Triad, the average commuter will spend 22 hours each month on the PART Express Bus. In that time, you could watch all eight Harry Potter movies, read a 1,000 page classic novel such as Lord of the Rings, send over 26,400 text messages, or get an extra 5.5 hours of sleep each week!
  • The average Triad commuter will spend 14.5 hours each month using carpool or vanpool. That’s the same amount of time it would take you to binge watch a season and a half of Game of Thrones, read the entire Hunger Games trilogy twice, or plan out your monthly budget for the next year.
  • PART’s Vanpool program participants helped reduce 12,982,032 in single occupancy vehicle miles traveled in FY2018.
  • PART Express riders helped reduce 6,982,500 in single occupancy vehicle miles traveled in FY2018.


The Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART) serves the Piedmont Triad with Express Bus service, Regional Vanpool service, and other commuter and employer transportation resources. PART is excited to announce this additional service for Triad residents and employees. Learn more at