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Feb 28

Twin Sisters Stay Connected During Their First Year of College with PART

Posted on February 28, 2019 at 2:11 PM by Brooke Kochanski

IMG_3937Twin sisters Ingrid and Ava Findlay had never lived apart from one another before heading off to college. But with Ingrid attending UNC Chapel Hill and Ava at UNC Greensboro, they would be separated by more than 50 miles of Interstate 40, without a car to visit one another. 

Their mother, Jill Findlay, recounts how “frustrating [it was] that they were relatively close but had no way to get to each other.” They looked at private transportation options, but they were too expensive for them to use regularly. 

After some investigating, Jill discovered PART and saw a way to connect her daughters with a quick, safe and economical ride. 

Ingrid and Ava had never taken public transit before, so they were a bit unsure of how the whole process would work. But PART is used by students across the Piedmont Triad to connect with family and friends, so their fears were soon put to rest. PART even offers students a 50% discount on all rides with a valid Student ID.

Armed with this information, Jill contacted PART to find out how to plan Ingrid and Ava’s trip. Though she lives several hours away in Brevard, NC, Jill was able to find all the information she needed to help her daughters connect with one another.

Thanks to the folks at PART, Jill mapped out Ingrid’s route, who would be travelling west to meet up with Ava. From the UNC hospital stop in Chapel Hill, Ingrid boarded the Route 4 Alamance-Burlington Express PART bus and settled in for the ride. Her driver paid extra attention to Ingrid, making sure she knew exactly when and where her next stop would be.

Once she arrived at the downtown Greensboro Depot, she transferred to the HEAT (Higher Education Area Transit) Route 71, which dropped her off right in the heart of UNC Greensboro’s campus.

Ava used the TransLoc mobile app to track Ingrid’s journey, and sure enough, Ava was waiting for her when she arrived, excited to spend the weekend with her sister. 

For Ingrid, her whole experience was a total breeze: “Taking the PART bus was a really great experience! I couldn’t believe there was a route that would take me just where I wanted to go.”

And as the mother of two new college students, Jill was thrilled that she was able to keep Ingrid and Ava connected from so far away: “I cannot express what a tremendous service this is that PART provides. I am so grateful.”

To find out more about PART student discounts and routes, click here or call us at 336-883-7278.