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Apr 22

Calculate the Real Cost of Your Daily Commute

Posted on April 22, 2019 at 11:30 AM by Brooke Kochanski

How Much Does Your Daily Commute Cost?

According to recent US Census research, Americans spend roughly 26 minutes each way on their daily commute. And that number is only going to rise in the coming years. 

Over the course of the entire year, that evens out to approximately 200 hours — or almost 9 whole days — stuck in traffic, dealing with delays and fighting back road rage.

That’s 200 hours you could be spending turning the pages of your favorite book or binging your latest TV obsession. For some, that’s 200 hours of unnecessary stress, aggravation and high blood pressure spikes.

And that’s just the mental and emotional effect commuting can have on us!

When it comes to the financial aspects, a Citi Commuter Index found the average commuter spends nearly $2,600 per year on their daily drive to and from work. From the fluctuating cost of gas to insurance costs, wear and tear on your car and in some cases paying for a place to park, there are plenty of occasions for that number to rise depending on your situation.

But it’s easy to look at national statistics and say, “Surely it doesn’t cost me that much!”

So, we wanted to give Triad commuters a way to find out exactly how much their daily trips cost them, as well as see how much they could be saving by finding a carpool partner, arranging a PART Vanpool with your co-workers, or riding a PART Express bus.

With some basic information, our Commute Calculator gives you an easy way to explore these options — and the results might surprise you!

For example, driving from downtown Greensboro to a job in Winston-Salem could cost you as much as $800 per month in total fees. Contrast that with the $80 it would cost you to ride PART Express every day.

Give the calculator a spin, and when you’re ready to hear how PART can save you money and make you a happier commuter, we’re here to help.

Calculate the cost of your daily commute here »