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Jun 10

PART Helps Fuel Triad Emission Reductions

Posted on June 10, 2019 at 2:40 PM by Brooke Kochanski

Since November 2018, our PART Express buses have seen an average of approximately 1,800 passenger trips per day, with Vanpools reporting an additional 950. Some individual routes have even seen increases as high as 79%.

Together, these commuters have helped reduce over 18 million miles in single occupancy vehicle travel thus far—a total that is only 2 million miles fewer than the entire fiscal year of 2018!

More participation in these programs isn’t just improving commuting conditions: they’re improving our local environment. Our services reduced carbon monoxide emissions in the Triad by 2.2 tons during the month of April alone, and have also helped reduce 46 tons of nitrogen oxide (NOx) this fiscal year.

“PART is a very efficient way to travel throughout the Triad,” Alexcia Lane, a student at GTCC and frequent rider of Routes 1 and 2 said. “Not only is it easy and affordable, but it affords me the time to check my email and play games on my phone. I can relax and actually enjoy a usually stressful task.”

Greg Southard, a Clemmons resident who takes Route 28 to and from work in downtown Winston-Salem each day, says that in addition to the safety and convenience commuting with PART provides, he also enjoys the camaraderie of his fellow passengers.

“Our route is like its own little community,” Southard said. “We have a small group of people who ride together daily and have built an open, friendly environment filled with courteous and genuine interactions. The commute to and from work has become a highlight of my day.”

PART continues to try and enhance transportation options including bus routes, discounted Vanpool programs and rideshare matching services like ShareTheRideNC for commuters to and from areas across the Triad.

These programs are part of our efforts to reduce single occupancy vehicle travel. We believe that fewer cars on the road will result in better commuting conditions for everyone.

To learn more about our programs and services, click here.


What PART Riders Are Saying:

“The best thing about riding the PART bus is the fact that I’m not driving and having to manage the traffic.” - Sharon Gaskin, Route 1 from Greensboro to Winston-Salem

“My favorite aspect of commuting with PART is the low cost!” - Marty Jackson, Route 6 from Surry County to Winston-Salem

“If I had to describe my experience riding PART in three words, they would be: efficient, comfortable and affordable.” - Alexcia Lane, Routes 1 and 2 from Winston-Salem to High Point and Greensboro

“Riding the PART bus feels like I have my own private chauffer who knows and cares about me and my daily life outside of my commute.” - Greg Southard, Route 28 from Clemmons to Winston-Salem