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Sep 10

4 Ways TouchPass Makes Riding PART Easier

Posted on September 10, 2019 at 8:10 AM by Brooke Kochanski

Earlier this year, PART implemented TouchPass Mobile and Smartcard Ticketing – two new digital payment methods designed to make the commuting process easier and more convenient. Now, we’re taking a look at four of the ways this new electronic ticketing system makes riding PART a simpler experience.

1. It’s Easier Than Ever to Get A Pass

By simply setting up your mobile or online account, you can purchase and re-load your passes or stored value anytime anywhere. Even while you’re on the bus. Did we mention all our buses have WiFi? You can even set your account up to auto-load automatically and never worry about whether you have a pass or funds available!

2. It Speeds Up the Boarding Process

Even though most PART riders are total pros about having their passes or change ready, when there’s a newbie in the mix or just a lot of riders, it can take a while for everyone to board. Luckily, TouchPass helps eliminate the wait. One quick scan of your TouchPass App’s QR code or tap of your reloadable Smartcard and you are ready to ride!

3. It is Easier to Keep Track Of

With Touchpass Mobile and Smartcard ticketing, you can officially say goodbye to the inconvenience of losing money on lost cards, carrying cash and counting out exact change. Once you’re registered, the electronic system automatically keeps track of your trips and payment history and ensures that your passes and stored value are safe, even if you misplace your Smartcard or change mobile phones. It also manages your transfers, eliminating the need to get a paper transfer from bus drivers. Now everything you need to ride PART is in one safe, easily accessible place!  

4. It Saves You Money

If you still aren’t convinced that TouchPass is making riding PART easier, this is sure to win you over: by using TouchPass, you can save money on your commute! When you use stored value through the TouchPass system, you are eligible for the PART Rewards Program – an initiative that uses fare capping to save you money when you ride daily and monthly. The system tracks how much you spend and will your account once you have spent $5 per day or $80 per month. You will not have to pay for any additional trips the rest of that day or month, no matter how many times you ride. The implementation of fare capping is predicted to save the average daily rider at least $25 per month!

So what are you waiting for? Visit to see for yourself how riding with PART just got even easier.