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Feb 13

10 Reasons to Ride PART

Posted on February 13, 2020 at 8:14 AM by Brooke Kochanski


While there’s no denying that we think public transportation is great, we understand there’s a common misconception out there that it might not be suitable for everybody. We’re here to show you how that narrative is just that: a misconception. So, while we could probably think of 100 more, here are 10 quick reasons why you – yes, YOU – should consider commuting on PART:

1. It’s cheaper than driving yourself
Did you know that using public transportation can help the average commuter save as much as $600 each month on commuting costs like gas, parking, tolls and car maintenance? Commuting with PART and taking advantage of initiatives like our PART Rewards Program and the XPass Employer Discount Program can help put money back in your pocket. You can even use our cost calculator to find out how much PART can help you save each month.

2. Less stress than driving yourself
Triad traffic isn’t as bad as some places, but it still exists. And it’s the little things like people cutting you off or getting stuck behind a slow driver that seem to cause the most stress. With PART, you can hop on the bus or in a vanpool and blissfully ignore all of these commuting woes.

3. It gives you more “you time” each day to decompress
With PART Express, you can turn your commute time into that “me time” you’re always promising yourself. Not having to focus on the road frees you up to read a book, binge your shows (we have WiFi!), catch up with a friend on the phone or even just close your eyes and take a deep breath. Before you know it, you’re arriving home refreshed and ready to spend time with your friends and family.

4. Helps you be more productive
The average Triad commuter will spend 22 hours each month on the PART Express Bus. You can leverage this time to get ahead on work or school by answering emails, writing/reading reports or preparing for a meeting. And, it might even mean fewer days spent going into the office early or staying late just to get in some focused work time.

5. Meet new people/make new friends
You can never have too many friends, right? If you have a more outgoing personality, try spending your ride to and from work chatting with fellow riders.
“Our route is like its own little community. There are 4-5 people I ride with daily and have developed friendships with. I look forward to seeing them each day. We have an open, friendly environment. I also enjoy interacting with the drivers – they are friendly and courteous, and the interactions are genuine.” – rider testimonial

6. (Re)Discover/explore your community
When you’re a passenger on a route you drive frequently, how many times do you find yourself saying things like, “wow, I never noticed that!” or “how long has that been there?” Instead of being hyper-focused on the cars around you, PART lets you soak up the scenery. PART also helps connect you to cities or communities you may not take the time to visit on an average day – so instead of driving out to Winston-Salem or Mt. Airy for a day trip, why not let PART Express act as your chauffer? Look up #PARTDestinations on Instagram to see some of the places we’ve highlighted.

7. It’s good for the environment
Removing cars from the road improves our air quality by reducing emissions – something PART knows to be true. Our PART Express Commuter Bus services reduced carbon monoxide emissions in the Triad by 15.667 tons last year. So, whether this is your primary motivator or an awesome side benefit, if you commute with PART, you’re making a positive impact on our environment.

8. It helps preserve our roads
Not only do road maintenance and construction cause detours, traffic and other commuting headaches, they’re expensive, too. Read our past blog on How Do We Pay for Roads. The fewer drivers on the road, the less we have to do to maintain them. And the less money we spend on the roads, the more budget is available for other services or tax breaks. It’s a long game, but it’s worth playing.

9. It’s good for the economy
Studies show that public transportation can benefit the local economy by allowing citizens to invest the money they save on commuting in other ways. Read our past blog on Why Public Transit Benefits Everyone. The next time you find extra funds in the budget for new clothes, dining out, seeing a movie or supporting another local business, you might be able to thank your commuting habits.

10. It’s easy!
PART is committed to making public transportation in the Triad convenient, affordable and – perhaps most importantly – EASY! Multiple routes, destinations and schedules make catching a bus to your destination simple. And now with our new TouchPass Mobile and Smartcard ticketing options, it’s easier than ever. No more worrying if you have gas or need to get your tires checked – just hop on PART instead.

Questions? Give us a call at the Regional Call Center 336-883-7278 or email We look forward to hearing from you!