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Feb 19

New PART Express Inclement Weather Plan

Posted on February 19, 2020 at 1:01 PM by Brooke Kochanski


Many people rely on PART to get where they need to go, regardless of the weather. This is why we do everything possible to provide safe and reliable transit service during inclement weather. In an effort to be ready for adverse weather conditions, PART has created a three-tiered Inclement Weather Plan. 
  • Tier 1: Route will begin late or be cancelled.
  • Tier 2: Route will be limited during the day, starting late, and ending early. Some routes cancelled. 
  • Tier 3: Route will end early. 
  • In extreme cases, we may need to cancel all PART Express service. 
Please visit for the inclement weather schedules for each route. Review your route and be prepared for any schedule changes due to winter weather in the upcoming months. 

Disclaimer: Inclement weather tiers are based on the weather conditions and may be modified due to the severity of the situation. Inclement weather impacts our ability to provide service for a variety of reasons including a limited workforce, reduced resources, and most importantly safety concerns and precautions. Any time service is modified we do recognize the impact on our riders and staff is strategic about how and why service changes are selected. The public will be notified of any changes via PART Notifications

Be sure to follow us on social media or join our email list for the latest updates regarding inclement weather. 

Questions? Give us a call 336-883-7278 or email