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Student Discount (Half Fare) Eligibility Application

  1. Student Discount Application
    In order to get the half-fare on PART Express passes or stored value, you must complete this application and submit proof by attaching a copy of a current photo identification card. The photo identification card must include an enrollment date/year.
  2. Your 16-Digit code can be found on the back of your TouchPass or Umo Smartcard if you're a card user. Or, in the 'Account Code' tab if you have the Umo App.

  3. Proper identification includes an authorized Student ID or enrollment documentation along with a picture ID.
  4. Student Discount Expiration*

    I understand that my student discount registration will expire on August 31st each year. In order to maintain my discount, I must renew my registration by August 30th. If I don't renew, my Umo account will be changed to a full-fare account and I will be required to pay full fare when riding PART Express and refunds will not be provided. 

  5. I certify that the above information and uploaded documents provided are true and correct. I understand that this will entitle me to ride for PART Express half of regular fare during normal hours of operation. Therefore, if this application is approved and I am issued Reduced-fare, I must abide by rules and regulations set forth by PART.
  6. Thank You

    A PART staff person will follow up with you regarding any questions with your application. If your application is approved, your Umo account will be updated and you will receive an email notifying you of your enrollment.

    Thank you for riding PART!

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