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PART Student Discount Card Application

  1. Complete the following form to apply for a PART Student Discount Card. The Student Discount Card is available to individuals actively enrolled as students at a State of North Carolina recognized institute of education, vocation, or trade. This card will provide students with the ability to receive a 50% student discount on PART fares.

    If you already have a valid student identification issued by your school you do not need a PART Student Discount Card. Your school-issued identification will be accepted on PART Express vehicles.

    The following application must be completed in full for the application to be considered for processing.
  2. Which days do you attend school?
  3. Please provide info for an administrative representative we can contact to verify your enrollment.
  4. Agreement
    I understand that I may lose use of my PART Student Discount Card if I misuse the card in any way. I also agree to adhere to PART’s ridership policies and procedures. I will also be added to PART’s email distribution list to receive updates and information regarding PART Express bus service.
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