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UNC XPass Enrollment Form

  1. Ride fare free with UNC XPass!

    As a UNC employee and/or student commuting from the Piedmont Triad, you are eligible to use the form below to enroll in PART’s UNC XPass discount program. Once registered you will receive an email outlining the steps to creating your PART Umo Mobile & Smartcard account. You will then use the Umo Mobile Phone App or a Umo Smartcard to pay your fare.

    UNC XPass Eligibility Rules:

    - Must be a UNC student or employee

    - Must forgo an on-campus daytime parking permit

    - Must live outside the Chapel Hill Transit service area

    Questions? Please call 336-883-7278 or email

  2. Registration Type*

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  3. Registration Period

    What period are you registering for?

  4. Do you plan to use the: *

    You must select only one option, users cannot use both the Mobile App and Smartcard at one time.

  5. How can we assist you?

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  6. Use the same email address you will use/did use to register your TouchPass account.

  7. Do you have a UNC Daytime On-Campus Parking Permit??
  8. Thank you for registering for the PART UNC XPass program.

    Once your information is verified, you will receive an email containing step by step directions on how to set-up your PART Umo account. Your email will also include a Special Benefit Code that will allow you to enroll in the UNC XPass program and allow you to ride PART Express fare free.

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