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1. Can I use my TouchPass Mobile App or Smartcard to pay for the fare of another person that is traveling with me?
2. Can my family or friends use my TouchPass Smartcard?
3. How can I check my account to see my passes or stored value?
4. How do I add or change my personal information in my TouchPass account?
5. How do I check my pass expiration date?
6. I just purchased a pass, when can I use it?
7. I just used TouchPass on a bus, when will the fare payment be posted to my account?
8. I'm eligible for a fare discount program, how does that work with TouchPass?
9. What are Alerts?
10. What is a Stored Value Pass?
11. What is a TouchPass account?
12. What is Autoload?
13. What types of passes can I add to my TouchPass account?
14. Where can I buy my passes/fare media?