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    How Do We Pay for Roads?

    When it comes to transportation, a lot of the discussion in the Triad are about the importance of maintaining our roads. We know that public transit plays an important role in preserving these lifelines to our communities. Read about this on our blog. Additional Info...
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    Save Money in 2020 by Starting a Vanpool

    The PART Vanpool Program provides eligible groups of five or more commuters with a 7 or 15 passenger van to use to commute to and from work. The month-to-month lease includes the vehicle, insurance, maintenance, gas, and an Emergency Ride Home. Additional Info...
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    Get Exclusive Discounts with XPass

    Between tight deadlines, long hours and heavy workloads, we know there are a lot of stressors in the average worker’s daily life. At PART, we don’t think commuting to and from the office should be one of them. Additional Info...
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