Piedmont Transportation Professionals

Piedmont Transportation Professionals (PTP) was organized to facilitate transportation sector training opportunities for professional engineers and planners within the Piedmont Triad region. Every PTP event is a source for continuing education credits for engineering and planning professionals. These training events are designed to:

  • Enable Networking: The multiple forums and lunch and learns are well attended by a broad and diverse group of professionals and provide opportunities for networking and building relationships.
  • Provide Diverse Topics: The forums and lunch and learns provide a platform for various transportation topics and presenters. The presentations are timely and relevant and have broad appeal. The presenters are recognized experts from various professions and locations in their respective fields.
  • Maintain Value: The events combine low cost and high value for providing AICP and PE credits. The connections and relationships formed within the group are solid and have led to increased knowledge, communication, and effectiveness.

PTP Events are usually all-day (5-6 hours) or lunch and learn (2-3 hours) events. While the events are open to anyone, there is usually a cost in the $15 to $25 range to cover food and other potential event costs (venue, speaker, etc.).  

PTP constantly seeks to expand the forum’s audience to include various disciplines and backgrounds. Attendees voice their needs for future trainings and their satisfaction with each event through completing brief surveys. PTP’s coordinating committee reviews attendee feedback and uses this data to set topics and improve future events. PTP may also help other organizations by co-sponsoring events. PTP can provide promotional assistance and allow attendees to earn continuing education credits.

PTP Coordinating Committee is a volunteer organization of professional engineers and planners from across the region. The group meets several times a year to plan and organize training opportunities. The Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART) and The Piedmont Triad Regional Council (PTRC) are supporting agencies for PTP coordination and events.

Contact Kyle Laird at kylel@partnc.org or 336-291-4309 for more information.