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A Cleaner, Greener Commute for Employees Across the Triad

The PARTnership program is a free, full-service resource for employers throughout the Piedmont Triad region. It's designed to help improve mobility and create easier daily commutes through a network of vanpool, carpool and other ride-sharing opportunities.

As a PARTnership member, you'll have access to tools and services to develop and execute your own customized transportation solution. Gain access to a number of key benefits and improvements to your workforce, including:

  • Alleviated Parking Demand Issues
  • Cost-Saving Strategies for your Employees
  • Enhanced Corporate Image
  • Improved Regional Air Quality
  • Recruitment and Retention Assistance
  • Tardiness and Absenteeism Reduction

A custom PARTnership program will help enhance your current employee benefits package and boost employee morale at no extra cost to your organization. In addition, your company will have the distinction of helping to create a greener, more sustainable future.

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