Bus Stop Amenities Program

The PART Express network consists of bus stops at park and ride lots, major employers, transit terminals and a several strategic locations in urban areas.  Some PART stops have shelters which are shared with other fixed route systems.  Some of the stops are at major employers and at a building entrance, therefore a shelter is not necessary.

In 2015 PART began developing a process of identifying, funding and installing bus shelters at those strategic locations.  The first step was the development of transit amenity guidelines and a prioritization process to identify the stops in the most need. Then in 2016 PART initiated a bus advertising program to funding the bus stop amenities program. The next s tep was to identify a vendor and design the shelter. Pedestrian access is critical to shelter locations and local permitting requirements must be adhered to.

The first two shelters were installed in January 2020 serving Route 2 Greensboro Express.  Additional shelters will be considered as the need arises and locations become feasible.

View our Bus Stop Amenities Guidelines (PDF).