Executive Director

The Executive Director carries out the policies and directives established by the PART Board of Trustee’s, and oversees the activities of PART Departments, and the PART Regional work programs and services provided to its member agencies and citizens served.

Executive Director - Scott Rhine

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Finance & Administration

The PART Finance and Administration Department has responsibility for General Accounting, Financial Accounting, Payroll, Budgeting, Grants, Procurement, and Human Resources. The Director serves as CFO and is responsible for planning and directing the financial affairs of the Agency in compliance with federal, state and local financial laws, ordinances, and regulations.

Director of Finance & Administration - Connie Conklin, CPA, CFO

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Regulatory Affairs Specialist & DBE Liaison Officer - Supriya Raghav

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Administrative Assistant & Clerk of the Board - Terry Anderson

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Human Resources Administrator - Charlie Pistolis

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Grants Accountant - Shae Tharrington

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Deputy Finance Officer - Tammy Turner, MBA

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Accounting Associate - Dianna Thomason

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Commuter Operations

The Commuter Operations Department is responsible for the Piedmont Triad Resources Call Center, the Regional Vanpool Program, PART Express, and coordinating with Triad businesses to develop employee transportation option programs through the PARTnership Program.

Director of Commuter Operations - Sabrina Glenn

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Operations Manager - David Morris

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Marketing & Communications Manager - Vacant

TDM Business Outreach Coordinator - Vacant

Operations Assistant - J.D. Stewart

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Field Operations Specialist - Gary House

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Vanpool Administrator - Alice Long

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The Planning Department is responsible for the Piedmont Triad Regional Modeling Program, transit planning and data management for PART Express, coordination with area MPO’s and technical assistance support for other PART departments.

Director of Planning - Mark E. Kirstner, AICP

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Mobility & Systems Planner - Kyle Laird, AICP

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Regional Transportation Modeler - Joonhyo (John) Kim, PHD

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Transportation Planner - Miguel Fernandez

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Transportation Modeler Analyst - Vacant