Current Vanpools

PART has current vanpools operating across the Piedmont Triad. As long as you work or live in a PART member county you can lease a 7 or 15 passenger van from PART to create a vanpool. 

Below are a few options on how to see the current Vanpools that have been formed. Some may even have availability for you to join if you share a similar commute and work hours. See a vanpool that works for you? Fill out this form to join, start, or form a vanpool.

View a List of the Current PART Vanpools - Adobe PDF (Updated 8/10/2020)

Interactive Vanpool Map

Hello and welcome to PART’s interactive vanpool map. Click on the image below to open the interactive map or click here.

Vanpool Map Opens in new window

Follow these instructions to view our current vanpools on the interactive map:

1. Click the filter icon to filter the vanpools.

2. Using the dropdown filters you can filter Origin County, Destination County, or Employer name.

3. To make sure that your filter is applied, ensure the toggle is switched to the on position (appears green).

4. Click the arrow at the bottom of the map to view the attribute table allowing you to see the filtered results.

5. Click on a vanpool arrow to generate a pop-up with more information about the vanpool.

6. Sometimes clicking on a vanpool line will result in multiple selections, view header bar of the pop-up to toggle through the selection.

7. If you are interested in joining a vanpool, use the link in the pop-up to contact PART.

Optional Map Functions

1. Click the Home icon (Default extent) to return to the entire map.
2. You can use the My Location icon to locate yourself on the map to see if any origins or destinations are nearby.
3. Use the plus or minus icons to zoom in and out of the map.
4. Use the Basemap Gallery icon to change the background to imagery for a more detailed look.

Do you have any questions? Email us at or call 336-883-7278.