Qualify for Student Discount Half Fare

PART provides a half-price discount on standard fares to students. In order to get the half fare on PART passes, you must complete the application and submit proof by attaching a copy of photo identification card. The photo identification card must include an enrollment date/year.

Once enrolled, PART will update your Umo account, so you can purchase your PART passes or stored value at the discounted fare. You must register in advance of making your purchase. PART will not refund fares purchased prior to enrollment.

You must have an active Umo account before PART can activate your discount fare in Umo.

All Student Discount registrations expire each year on August 31stTo maintain your discount, registrants are required to submit a new registration by August 30th. If you don't renew, your Umo account will be changed to a full-fare account. You will be required to pay full fare when riding PART Express and refunds will not be provided.

Apply for a student discount card by filling out this form.

* Passes purchased through Umo prior to half fare registration/designation will NOT be refunded.

Cash passengers will continue to be required to show proof of eligibility prior to riding at half fare and will pay $1.25 each time they board a PART bus. PART does not provide change or transfer cards for cash riders. 

Need to renew your student discount registration?

If you are already registered as a student rider and need to renew your registration CLICK HERE to access our Student Discount Renewal Form.