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  1. Discount (Half Fare) Eligibility Application

    PART provides a half-price discount on standard fares to Seniors (60 plus), Disabled, Students, Veterans, and Medicare Cardholders. In... More…


  1. Bulk Sales Form

    Are you an agency or company that would like to purchase PART Express bus passes in a bulk order? You have come to the right place.

  2. PART Online Smartcard Registration Form

    Use the following form to register to receive a PART TouchPass Smartcard. The re-loadable Smartcard will be used to pay your fare when... More…

  1. Bulk Sales Single Ride Paper Tokens


  1. UNC XPass Enrollment Form

    As a UNC employee and/or student commuting from the Piedmont Triad, you are eligible to use the form below to enroll in PART’s XPass... More…


  1. Employee Registration Form

    Use the following form to begin your enrollment in PART’s XPass Employer Discount program. Once we receive your application we will... More…

  1. Employer Enrollment Form